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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kubernetes 1.8 and Google Container Engine (GKE) optimize containers on GCP

Google Cloud Newsletter, October 2017. Cloud trends, resources, and platform news.
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Java 8
Java 8: now on App Engine
By 2030 data centers will consume 13% of the world's electricity. By the end of 2017, all of Google will be 100% powered by renewable energy – and so will your business on GCP.
Cloud IoT Core allows you to easily connect and centrally manage millions of globally dispersed devices. New features let you bring your own certificates and connect existing devices over HTTP.
New features extend the ability of Cloud Natural Language API to automatically classify content into 700 categories. Quickly gauge sentiment about entities and objects – and understand how users feel about your products.
High-performance options now include NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 and K80 GPUs – and the ability to add up to 96 vCPUs and 624 GB of memory. Custom machine types are tailored to your workloads' requirements.
Get started with Kubernetes on Container Engine
Follow this tutorial to build a containerized web app on GKE. Want more? Check out all of our how-tos and tutorials.
Making audio and video keyword searchable with the Cloud Speech API
With word-level timestamps it's possible to automatically transcribe audio from video content. Watch the demo.
Stream Google Analytics 360 data to BigQuery – every 10 minutes
Perform current-day analysis 48x faster. Not on GA360? Create real-time dashboards for end-to-end streaming analytics.
DIY: Use a chatbot to create Cloud Storage buckets
Using events to trigger commands in Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Storage is as easy as having a Slack chat.
Bring your own data to make a state-of-the-art object detector
Want to identify raccoons – or revolutionize healthcare? Train your own models with the TensorFlow Object Detection API.
Cloud OnAir Events
Connect with Google Cloud product managers and engineers.
Automating IT using Kubernetes: Learn to use containers to increase productivity and efficiency.
November 15, 2017
Journey From Big Data to AI: Unlock the power of AI for your enterprise. Get notified when registration opens - sign up today.
Americas – December 5, 2017
Europe & Asia Pacific – December 6, 2017
One of the many reasons why @googlecloud is the best place to run your @nodejs apps:….
Kubernetes? Software-defined networking? I guess Google is at least 5 years ahead in infrastructure
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Monday, September 25, 2017

GCP, VMware, and Pivotal team up to power an open, multi-cloud future

Google Cloud Newsletter, September 2017. Cloud trends, resources, and platform news.
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Google Dedicated Interconnect
Google Dedicated Interconnect
New network service tiers
Only on GCP: network service tiers
Greater control and aggregated exports let you easily manage any number of projects across your organization. Try Stackdriver with 50 GB of logs per project, per month—free.
Waze manages over 100 microservices multiplied across a range of regions and providers. Read how they use Spinnaker managed pipeline templates to achieve continuous delivery across multiple clouds.
B2B marketing powerhouse Marketo is migrating its entire on-prem product infrastructure to GCP. Marketo users will get full integration with G Suite, advanced analytics, and machine learning APIs.
With purpose-built hardware, security is literally engineered into GCP. See how the tiny Titan, a low-power microcontroller, establishes the hardware root of trust from boot, on up.
Going multi-cloud with AWS and GCP: lessons learned at scale
Metamarket began on AWS. As a flood of client data grew to exceed a petabyte per week, it needed a new strategy.
Save only the logs that matter with Stackdriver Log Exclusion Filtering
No matter your logging needs, from ASP.NET Core diagnostics to visual effects to Google Apps Script, selective logging slashes review time—and cost.
Experimenting with machine learning in media
Cloud-based ML gives anyone the ability to play around with incredibly powerful technology. Hear how media companies are using ML now.
Codelab: query and visualize location data in BigQuery using Google Maps API
Learn to explore geographic patterns in data with little setup or coding—or the need to manage the storage of large datasets.
Curious about GCP global latency? Wonder no more
This handy tool pings instances in GCP regions across the globe to give you response times to the millisecond.
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Security and IT Tools series
North America: October 17, 2017
Secure your future with cloud security
APAC: October 10, 2017  |  EMEA: October 17, 2017
72 vCPUs = $2000; managing, maintaining, upgrading Kubernetes and cloud integrations = priceless. #gke #kubernetes #gcp
Decided to give #GCP's Cloud Container Builder a try for building Go, JS apps. Much simpler and faster than using gitlab-ci runners
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